01:26 21 Мар, 2020

    Strengthen your shoulders with seven exercises

    Strengthen your shoulders with seven exercises

    To avoid injuries, we will start with light exercises, both in the use of the elastic band and with the weights; over time we can gradually increase the intensity.


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    A pair of broad, strong and toned shoulders have always been a symbol of strength and authority. It is an important part of the body, because it supports the muscles of the arms and chest, creating a balance between these two muscle groups. During training, therefore, it is essential to do exercises to strengthen the shoulders.

    If we did not do this, the nearby muscles of the arms and chest would develop more and our overall figure would not be harmonious.

    Today we recommend Testosterone Cypionate for sale on California-Muscles steroids shop and some exercises to strengthen the shoulders that allow you to make them more proportionate to the rest of the body.

    1. External rotation

    For this exercise, you need to get an elastic band or an elastic extender. They are found in sporting goods stores and you can also use them to do other exercises.

    • Attach the elastic band to a bar, pole or another stable point at the height of your elbows.
    • Stand on your side and grab the end of the elastic band with your hand furthest from the bar.
    • For the duration of the exercise, the upper arm remains close to the torso, as if you were trying to hold a pencil in the armpit.
    • Bend your elbow at a right angle with your forearm facing forward. Make a short rotation outwards by pulling the elastic band with the only movement of the forearm that always remains parallel to the floor.

    Do 3 sets of 15 repetitions.

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    2. Side raises with front closure

    In this case, to increase the intensity of the exercise, we use a pair of dumbbells. The recommended weight, in this case, is about one / two kilos per handlebar.

    • Perform the classic movement of the side lift, but as soon as you reach a right angle between the arms and the torso, continue the movement by closing the arms frontally, so that the dumbbells meet in front of your eyes.
    • Bring your arms out again and from here lower them along your sides, returning to the initial position.

    3. Sitting with the elastic

    • Sitting in the chair, stop the elastic under your feet.
    • Grasp the two ends of the elastic, your arms relaxed and your hands level with your knees.
    • By pulling on the elastic you raise your arms above your head; slowly lower them to shoulder height.
    • Do this slowly and repeat it 10 times.

    4. Pull to the chin with the dumbbells

    The advantage of this exercise to strengthen the shoulders is that throughout its duration the weight remains close to the torso, an ideal movement to maintain good posture and prevent excessive backload.

    • Standing, in a stable position and with your abs in tension, grab a dumbbell by the hand with the palm facing downwards. The arms are extended along the body, but almost in front of you, as if the two dumbbells should touch each other.
    • From this position, gradually bending the elbows on the outside, pull the dumbbells up to the height of the chin. The elbows slightly exceed the height of the shoulders. Slowly return your arms to the initial position.

    Make 3 sets of 15 repetitions.

    5. Lateral raises to lie down

    • Lie on your stomach, stretch your right arm, your left one slightly bent to give you support.
    • Grab a dumbbell and start raising and lowering your arm.
    • Do 3 sets of 15 repetitions for each arm.

    6. Raise the front with the bar

    To perform this exercise to strengthen the shoulders of greater intensity, you need a bar of a few kilos (how much you can lift).

    • Standing, in a stable position with your feet open at shoulder height and with your abs in tension, grasp the bar with both hands in pronation, that is, with your palms facing your thighs.
    • The hands should be placed on the bar a little wider than the shoulders.
    • Lift the bar up to shoulder height and hold the contraction for a few seconds.
    • In no case should the bar be raised by the biceps because this movement could damage them?

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    7. Front risers alternating with the dumbbells

    • Standing, one dumbbell for each hand. The arms are stretched out.
    • Holding the upper body still, raise the left handlebar forward with a slight flexion of the elbow and with the palms of the hands facing downwards.
    • Raise your arm until it slightly exceeds the line of the shoulders: do this movement as you exhale. Stop in this position for a few moments.
    • Slowly lower the handlebar until you return to the initial position.
    • Repeat the same exercise with your right arm.

    Do 10 reps per arm, alternating left and right.